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The development of automatic valves has broad prospects


The reason why automated valves are developing rapidly is mainly due to the following points.
  First, the valve product quality level is high
  1. Seal reliability. Foreign countries specify the use and selection of products according to the degree of sealing of the closing parts, and classify the sealing degree, which is generally divided into three levels. The first and second grades are used in places with high sealing requirements, and the third grade is used in general-purpose medium and low pressure industrial valves. Although the leakage values ​​are not the same, there are leakage regulations. Foreign valve leakage has a standard.
  2. The valve has a switching time. Some valves require a wide variety of valves to be opened or closed in a short period of time. The length of a switch is a sign of the performance of the valve. Some valves in the United States have been switched on and off for a period of milliseconds. For example, AMES Research Center only needs 1ms to open a six-inch 300-pound gate valve. The medium-diameter DN350-400 fast-switching valve is only 0.6s. The time of switching the ball valve is 0.05~O.1s. The supersonic high temperature manufactured by Japan Okaye Valve Co., Ltd. Valve, one opening time is 1s, medium is air, DN40, PNl4MPa, working temperature is 1267 °C, medium flow rate is 11 times of sound speed, 3640m/s.
  Second, the valve manufacturing process is high
  1. Casting: Foreign castings are double-layered with cupola and electric furnace, and cast steel is electric furnace plus refining. The quality of the metal liquid is high, the chemical composition is stable, the shape is resin sand, the automatic film of the film or the mechanical shape (mechanical modeling accounts for about 50%), most of which are controlled by microcomputer, advanced equipment, high precision of castings, smooth surface and good sand cleaning method.
  2. Forging: Most foreign countries use die forging, and have adopted multi-directional die forging and closed film forging. The forgings are of high quality and the material utilization rate is up to 95%. The maximum forging diameter is up to DN500.
  3. Heat treatment: Most of the foreign heat treatments have adopted controlled heat treatment. For example, Japan's controllable treatment accounts for about 70% ˇ 80%, and some use vacuum heat treatment. Nitriding also uses new processes such as ion nitridation, soft nitridation, and chemical treatment.
  Science and technology are the primary productive forces. In today's innovation and development, China's valve enterprises are developing towards large-scale, automation and complete sets. In terms of valve control methods, traditional manual and electric methods are also used, electro-hydraulic linkage, The variety of valves for gas-liquid connection and automatic control is increasing and there is a trend of further development.