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Electric eccentric hemisphere valve product introduction and


The electric eccentric hemispherical valve utilizes an eccentric valve body, an eccentric spherical body and a valve seat. When the valve stem is rotated, the common trajectory is automatically centered, and the closing is tighter and tighter, which completely achieves a good sealing purpose. The ball and the valve seat of the double eccentric hemispherical valve are completely detached, eliminating the wear of the sealing ring and overcoming the problem that the conventional spherical valve seat and the spherical sealing surface are always worn. The non-metallic elastic material is embedded in the metal seat, and the metal surface of the valve seat is well received. protection of.
  The closing member of the electric eccentric hemispherical valve is a ball, and the ball is rotated around the center line of the valve body to open and close a valve. Its maintenance method is divided into the following three cases:  
First, the electric eccentric hemisphere valve before installation:
  1. Check the diameter, pressure and temperature of the hemispherical valve to meet the engineering conditions;
  2. Eliminate the defects caused by transportation and storage;
  3. Clean the exterior and runners, and check and tighten the nuts on the limit screws.
Second, when the electric eccentric hemisphere valve is installed:
  1. Install directly on the pipe according to the direction of medium flow on the valve body.
  2. When used in fluids containing granule suspension, the installation position is installed by horizontal pipeline installation and vertical pipeline installation.
  Third, the electric eccentric hemisphere valve operation:
  1. Turn the handwheel clockwise to close, turn the handwheel counterclockwise to open, and the valve core rotates 98 degrees to fully open and close.
  2. When using pneumatics, only the special handwheels configured by the valve can be used. It is strictly forbidden to use the extension rod or other operations.
  3, should always keep the valve clean, regularly check whether the transmission mechanism is normal lubrication, timely troubleshooting